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Why Change To British Gas For My Business electricity?

British Gas is one of the largest electricity suppliers in the UK. As part of the global brand Centrica, British Gas Business is greatly invested in providing renewable energy. In fact, Centrica is investing £1.5 billion on renewable initiatives.

British Gas Business has an infrastructure designed to support millions of transactions from both private and business customers. These transactions designed to be the most convenient for the customer’s needs, including paperless billing and Direct Debit payments and online meter reading submissions.

Gas Business has also worked hard to improve its customer relations, improving its contact centre support and introducing a more efficient complaints procedure. This means faster turnaround times for servicing and repairs, with more flexible visits from service engineers.

What Are Smart Meters?

BGB provides electricity for large and small business, from offices to factories. As part of its environmental initiatives, British Gas Business works very closely with organizations of all sizes to help reduce their carbon footprint. In the light of today’s environmental regulations, this has proved invaluable for many organizations, especially the introduction of Smart Meters.

By 2020, British Gas Business is aiming to roll out Smart Meters for all business. Smart Meters show you how much energy you’re using. This helps you to make an informed decision on reducing your energy usage straight away. It’s now a lot easier to see actual energy usage for more accurate bill. No more inaccurate usage estimates.

Switching To British Gas

We’re here to make it easy to switch your electricity supplier.

Simply call us on 0161 751 2586 and we can discuss the best tariff for you. We can help you find a better deal with British Gas Business and provide a smooth transition from your current supplier.

By contacting our helpful team, we’ll be able to find the best energy tariff for your business. It’s an easy process, and we’re on hand to answer any of your questions, whether that’s more information on installing Smart Meters or how to get the best savings.

Find out if British Gas is the right energy provider for you by calling us today on 0161 751 4821. We’ll find the best rate for you, no matter the size of your business or your location in the UK.