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Why Change To Dual Energy Business?

Dual Energy has built their company around providing electricity for smaller businesses. One of the key benefits is providing fixed term contracts. This is achieved using Dual Energy’s fixed price plans and the use of Smart Meters.

As an alternative to the ‘Big Six’, Dual Energy has pushed to improve their electricity tariffs. The growth of the company has been quick, thanks to its reliability and strong customer service ethics. This leads to long-term relationships with Dual Energy’s customers, mainly due to their transparent pricing plans.

Dual Energy’s fixed price plans include their 3 Year Contract, which includes an Annual Price Review and a 2 Year Fixed Price Plan. This has been ideal when supplying electricity for small businesses, making it easier to manage 24 months or more of rates. The 3 Year Contract and Annual Price Review has been invaluable for organizations trying to keep their bills to manageable level, reviewing accounts to meet competitive rates.

Accurate billing is achieved using Dual Energy’s Smart Meters, making sure that you pay for the electricity you use, avoiding miscalculated estimates and refunds.

Dual Energy Smart Meters

In order to provide competitive rates, Dual Energy installs Smart Meters at business premises. Smart Meters accurately measure electricity usage. This means better billing for more improved billing - the perfect solution for any small business.

These Smart Meters one of the main ways that Dual Energy helps small businesses with their billing, as well as working closely with business owners to get the best possible rates and efficiency.

Dual Energy continues to develop smarter, more efficient processes for improved billing and customer care.

How To Change To Dual Energy

Call us now on 0161 751 2586 and we can help you find out if Dual Energy is the right electricity provider for your business. We’re on hand to go through the pros and cons to get the best deal.

By providing a few details about your existing electricity provider account, you can make a quick change to another supplier. We’re on hand to help you every step of the way when making the adjustment.

Our friendly team is hear to offer free and impartial advice, and answer you electricity supply questions today.