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About EDF Energy

EDF Energy was formed in 2003, made up of London Energy, SWEB and SEEBoard, and joined with British Energy in 2009. This has made EDF Energy one of the biggest producers and suppliers of electricity in the UK, operating eight nuclear power stations.

EDF Energy is a large organization, which is split into three separate sections, including:

  • ’Nuclear Generation’ - devoted to generation over 9 million kilowatts of electricity to the UK.
  • ‘Nuclear New Build’ - building efficient power plants to produce more sustainable energy.
  • ’Energy Sourcing and Customer Supply’ - managing customers and running power stations and wind farms.

Choosing EDF Energy Electricity For Business

EDF electricity offers a range of tariffs and services for different business situations. From EDF’s flexible ‘Freedom For Business’ rates to their ‘New Start’ tariff, EDF has geared up their services for many different businesses.

EDF’s Freedom For Business tariff is set up with flexibility in mind. No exit fees, other than any outstanding balance, 30 days notice of variable pricing and no fixed end date.

New Start is tailored to new businesses setting up in their first premises, or businesses changing to a new location. This is based on a fixed, manageable daily term of 5p, for a period of 6 to 9 months. This helps you to get to know your electricity overheads without any surprises!

EDF electricity for business is made for many different organizations of different sizes, from start ups to expansions. As a large company, EDF has the capacity to constantly explore improved energy services and better sustainable solutions.

Switching To EDF Electricity For Business

If you are setting up a new business, or changing premises, we know this can be stressful. We can take the pressure off you while making the changes to a new electricity supplier.

Making the switch to EDF electricity is easy. Just call Business Electricity Prices on 0161 751 2586 and we can help you every step of the way. We’ll go through all the information you need and process your switchover as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Call us now for an easy, hassle-free process and we’ll endeavor to ensure that your new electricity supply will be in place in your new business premises. Even if you’re just looking to change supplier, we’re here for that too.