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Choosing Haven Power Business Electricity

Haven Power business electricity suppliers are UK based set up in 2006 to offer solutions to small to medium enterprises. Haven Power offers a personalized touch based on its experience with smaller companies.

This outlook and experience has helped Haven Power provide many major UK organizations with their electricity requirements. As Haven Power has built their company around supplying businesses only, it specializes in offering the best advice and service that’s tailored for your business.

Flexible and Fixed Electricity Tariffs For Businesses.

There are several Haven Power business electricity tariffs to suit your organization, no matter its size.

Small and medium businesses have a choice of several tariff options. These are:

Haven Assured - A fully fixed contract with specific charges that will not increase during the initial term of the contract, with 12-36 month contract terms.

Haven Standard - If the customer’s usage exceeds the previously agreed charge limits, Haven will monitor this and advise the customer.

Haven Pass-Through - Ensures that you will never pay more than the published energy price charged. Available on 6 - 60 month contract terms.

Haven Power Smart Meters

When providing business electricity, it was fairly common that inaccurate estimates would often lead to overcharging and time consuming chasing up of refunds. However, since the introduction of Smart Meters, this is now far less common, and ensures an accurate system of billing while providing guidance on energy usage.

Once the Smart Meter is fitted, there’s no need for regular readings from a visiting engineer or even by you. This is particularly handy for companies with awkward and hard to reach meter placements. Instead, the units are accurately measured, and Haven Power can advise on the way your company uses its power. It’s the best way to only pay for the electricity you use.

Switching to Haven Power

If you’re trying to decide if Haven Power is the right business electricity supplier for you, just pick up the phone and call us on 0161 751 2586 .

Our friendly staff is on hand to talk about the benefits of choosing your new energy supplier, based on your usage, business size and other factors that are individual to you. Switching your electricity provider for business has never been easier.