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Choosing NPower For Business

RWE NPower is one of the largest suppliers of electricity in the UK, and is among one of the ‘Big Six’ companies. The size of RWE NPower means that it can support and sustain a variety of businesses, from small and medium companies to major corporations.

Npower provides a range of fixed rate tariffs that are designed to be easy to manage, making them time saving and cost effective. NPower’s fixed rate tariffs have been beneficial for many businesses in keeping their electricity bills down.

NPower business electricity services find ways for organizations to make the most of their usage, which is great for keeping costs down, but also maintaining a lower level of CO2 emissions. When working with NPower, many businesses have found that they’ve reduced their energy use by 10%.

NPower For Small Business Electricity

NPower's has a series of helpful initiatives designed to reduce energy consumption, reducing costs and CO2 emissions. This includes:

Site Energy Audits - Your business will get a visit from one of NPower’s energy saving experts, who will look at any areas of your premises that could be causing higher power consumption. This includes areas such as ventilation, heating, refrigeration and lighting.

Automatic Meter Read (IMR) meters - An automated meter reading provides accurate data for more exact bills. This removes the need for estimated bills so your costs will be more exacting and fair based on the actual energy you use. NPower Automatic Meter Reading meters can be installed in up to 5 business sites.

Energy Miser - Energy Miser for fridges is an unobtrusive way of managing the power of chiller cabinets and refrigerators, powering down when the chiller space is empty or holding less stock. It also adjusts to changes in the immediately surrounding environment.

Energy Monitor - The Energy Monitor is a device that helps you to keep an eye on your electricity consumption. You can set your daily energy use target, and you can see the amount of power using everyday appliances use.

Switching To NPower Business Electricity

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