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Opus Energy Business Electricity

Opus Energy specializes in providing electricity for small to medium business, and has expanded to supply larger corporations.

As an independent electricity supplier in the UK, Opus Energy has the ability to be more flexible in the market, often passing better deals to customers thanks to using their own wholesale suppliers.

It’s Opus Energy’s attitude to providing UK business electricity that has improved their stature in the market, including being the first electricity supplier to introduce free smart meters for businesses.

Opus Energy is also involved in providing energy from renewable sources, allowing for a greener energy supply and reducing CO2 emissions.

Why Choose Opus Energy Electricity For Business?

Opus Energy has two main products that have been designed for business users. these are Opus Evolution and Opus Fixed.

Opus Evolution - Designed for larger corporate customers, Opus Evolution offers a far more flexible electricity pricing plan. This is because Opus Energy allows Opus Evolution customers direct access to wholesale suppliers. For larger organizations this is a great way of keeping overheads down.

Opus Fixed - Opus Fixed is designed to maintain a tariff that doesn’t change when energy pricing fluctuates. You can negotiate your rate and select your tariff for a 12, 24 or 36 month term.

Switching To Opus Energy Business Electricity

Opus Energy will install a free smart meter at your business premises. This ensures there’s no inaccuracy from estimates, and your billing willing reflect the actual electricity you use.  All the data is collected from real time usage. This is also collected, so there’s no need for a manual meter reading. You can also access online reports, giving you a greater insight on your day to day electricity usage.

Billing is done online, making it easy to manage and eliminating the need for lots of paper to keep track of. Invoicing is also easy to understand, and has been checked to be as clear as possible for quick, convenient reference for customers.

If you want to know more, please call us today on 0161 751 2586 . Our team is here to answer your questions and guide you as you make a decision when changing your electricity provider. Call us today to make the switch. We don’t charge for making the switch, and we only offer informed, impartial advice.