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SSE Business Electricity

SSE is the second largest supplier of energy in the UK, providing both SME and large businesses with electricity.

SSE business electricity supply has developed to provide services to different kinds of businesses, with contracts to suit particular business needs. This includes a choice of fixed term and flexible contracts.

What Is The Right SSE Electricity Contract For Your Business?

Fixed Supply Contracts - SSE Fixed Supply Contracts are set for a period of time, such as 1, 2 or 3 years. This is based on the prices in the market when the contract is signed, although this doesn’t include the Climate Change Levy, Feed In Tariffs or VAT.

Fixed Price Contracts - These contracts are also based on energy costs in the market when the contract is signed. The difference is that the contract covers charges for transmission over the National Grid, and each element is indicated in the total bill.

Market Related Contracts - SSE is able to show how a particular component of a contract that this already underway can be recalculated. This recalculation will be in response to changes in the market for business electricity supply.

Flexible Supply Contracts - These flexible contracts are designed for larger corporations, and involve a period of discussion. From these consultations it is possible to find the best business rates.

Changing To SSE Business Electricity

For large organizations with a greater than 100kW supply it’s mandatory to have half hourly metering.  Half hourly meters are designed to provide accurate, accessible information to a remote location. This information is accessed by specially designed monitoring software, which can work out how to make adjustments. These adjustments include how to make savings to energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions.

SSE business electricity supply means that many customers have access to a team of engineers and energy experts who can investigate a company’s energy infrastructure. This includes improved installation of cabling, more accurate meter installation and meter relocations, removal or reconnection.

We’re here to guide you in finding the the right electricity supplier for your business. Our team is ready to take your call, and also arrange your energy switch for you at no cost. Call 0161 751 2586 and we can get you started on your changeover to your new business electricity supplier.