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Total Gas & Power Business Electricity

Total Gas & Power Limited was one of the first energy suppliers to be formed of the UK energy deregulation of 1987 and supplying electricity since 2001. Total business electricity services have been put together by working closely with large and small enterprises.

Total Gas & Power prides itself on high customer service levels, with principles that include providing clearly understandable, plain speaking language. Also, all correspondence relates to the relevant contract or tariff the customer has signed up for.

Total Gas & Power For Large Businesses

Total Gas & Power have become one of the largest suppliers of electricity to large businesses. It works closely with each organization to find the right services to meet the customer’s needs. When setting up a new business electricity tariff, Total Gas & Power will assess the relevant priorities for that business.

In order to help customers get the best of their energy supply, Total Gas & Power continues to monitor the business’ energy usage. This allows for the identification of areas where there can be improved energy efficiency.

There’s also the implementation of sustainable solutions, which can help to improve the business carbon level. This is a great way to stay ahead of environmental legislation that governs CO2 output.

Make The Switch To Total Gas & Power Business Electricity

Another way that Total Gas & Power provides a better business electricity service is through the use of Automated Meter Reading (AMR). AMR is the ideal solution for customers looking to cut both their carbon emissions and energy usage.

Because manual meter reading can lead to inaccurate estimates, AMR provides a more exacting way of gathering data. This makes sure the customer only pays for the electricity that’s actually used. The data from AMR is also collected remotely, so there’s no need for the customer, or an engineer, to perform a manual meter reading. This leaves any disturbances to the day to day running of the business to an absolute minimum.

A more accurate meter reading means more specific information on areas that need improvement, allowing Total Gas & Power to work with the customer to address these areas to keep costs down.

If you’re looking to change your electricity provider, drop us a line at 0161 751 2586 . We’ll discuss what you need from your new supplier, and handle the process of switching electricity provider for you at no charge.