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Different business electricity tariffs offered in the UK

Business electricity tariffs can be downright confusing. However, having multiple tariffs isn't really a bad thing as it enables business owners to choose the best possible deal taking their requirements into account. As electricity prices continue to rise largely due to increased gas prices annually, its imperative that you don't overpay or get signed to a wrong business electricity tariffs as such a move could significantly increase your expenditure thus reducing your overall profit margins.

Types of business electricity tariffs

Nowadays understanding business electricity tariffs is a whole lot easier compared to the past. Thanks to the internet, people can now compare business electricity tariffs from the 6 major suppliers with ease. Apart from the six major suppliers of electricity namely; Npower, British Gas, SWALEC Scottish and Southern, Eon energy and EDF energy, people can also obtain information on the business electricity tariffs of smaller independent suppliers in the UK easily.

If you are looking for a suitable business electricity tariffs that will meet the needs of your businesses or company, then here are several types of tariffs to choose from.

Dual fuel tariffs

These are a type of tariffs offered by energy companies which aim to tie businesses to double deals involving the supply of electricity and gas. Having the same company supply you with both gas and electricity is advantageous in terms of cost. Most companies offer discounts such tariffs, simply because the administration costs of serving a singular account is much lower compared to serving two separate accounts. Talk to our support team and request instant quotes on dual fuel tariffs offered by the various electricity suppliers in the UK

Capped energy tariffs

The capped energy tariffs can be described as those business electricity tariffs where businesses sign per-agreed electricity supply contracts with energy companies who pledge to charge them the same capped rate regardless of the future economic conditions. Although the capped energy tariffs are usually higher than the standard rate, the tariffs become beneficial when electricity rates or prices exceed the price ceiling agreed. Fill our quote form and receive instant capped energy tariffs quotes from the major and smaller business electricity suppliers in UK.

Fixed energy tariffs

Fixed energy tariffs enable businesses with fixed levels of income to know how much they are supposed to pay every month depending on the contract. Businesses are able to remit an agreed fixed amount every month thus do not need to worry about price fluctuations. Talk to our support team by calling the numbers provided on our site and get instant information on various fixed energy tariffs available.

Online energy tariffs

Online energy tariffs enable businesses to pay slightly lower electricity rates. However for businesses to utilise this tariffs they have to manage their own electricity accounts, and that includes billing and meter reading. If you are looking for affordable online energy tariffs for your business then don't hesitate to call our support staff.

Economy energy tariff

These are special kind of tariffs where cheaper electricity rates are offered during off peak hours.Such tariffs can be utilised by manufacturers or businesses whose productivity is high during off-peak period.

Green energy tariffs

These are tariffs offered to companies or businesses involved in green energy or environmental conservation.

Feed -in tariffs

These are a special kind of tariffs normally offered to both households and businesses. Feed -in tariffs are usually offered to all businesses producing their own electricity from sources like wind turbines or solar panels. These tariffs offer businesses royalties or guaranteed payments over a given period of time depending on the agreement in place.

Comparing business electricity tariffs online

Making sure that your business chooses the best business electricity rates according to your requirements is of utmost importance. However the process of looking for the best tariffs or rates can be somewhat daunting if not difficult. If you are looking for the best business electricity prices in the UK then www.businesselectricityprices.co.uk is the prime resource to consider

If you have any have any queries about any businesses electricity tariffs or prices then feel free to contact our support team by filling out our quote form provided on our website. Alternatively you can request for instant quotes by calling us on 0161 751 2586.