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Scotland to keep the lights on in England

Scotland to keep the lights on in England

England "needs" Scottish electricity more than ever as capacity margins tighten, Scottish energy minister Fergus Ewing has said. Renewable electricity from Scotland will be a "critical" part of the future energy mix. 

 Ewing said: "Ofgem's warnings about an even tighter gap between electricity capacity and electricity generation highlight the increasing importance of Scotland's energy sector to the rest of the UK.

"It [England] needs our electricity, we need the demand of electricity to support renewable development in Scotland."

Ofgem has said the UK's capacity margin could be as low as 2 per cent by 2015/16 if projected drops in demand do not materialise.

Ewing also accused energy secretary Ed Davey of "sabre rattling" by claiming an independent Scotland would have to put up bills to maintain subsidies for renewables.

"That argument is being made for political reasons," he said.

Source:  Utility Week

3rd July, 2013

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